The world's two most critical resources
-water and energy-
depend on each other...
But the energy/water nexus
is not sustainable


Aquatricity's Nexus is the world's first solution to address the issues of access, security and scarcity for both
energy and water -- the two most critical resources worldwide. Nexus combines and controls energy sources including solar, batteries and diesel generators for a community power grid (microgrid). Nexus tracks energy and water consumption; increases renewable energy levels; and decreases energy costs, carbon footprints and water use.

Nexus is an affordable, repeatable, drop-in microgrid control solution that is easy-to-deploy, delivering meaningful real-time information about energy and water to mobile devices through the Cloud -- no engineers required.

MICROGRIDS 101: Microgrids require precise orchestration of power input and output

MICROGRIDS 101: Microgrids require precise orchestration of power input and output

An example microgrid that includes:
power sources (wind, solar, diesel and a connection to a larger power grid with a fossil-fuel power plant),
energy storage (battery) and a
power load (represented by the electrical outlet)



Nexus is a microgrid controller comprised of embedded software with proprietary algorithms running on commodity hardware.
We employ Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to gather data on the controller and its environment. Nexus uses this information to automatically optimize microgrid operation. Our Cloud-based, proprietary analytics algorithms refine the data info meaningful information that is securely delivered to the mobile devices of microgrid users with the Nexus Mobile Microgrid App (see next section).



Nexus Mobile Microgrid App screenshot examples.
Left: Nexus microgrid solar panel activity and equivalent metrics.
Right: Nexus displays the real-time status of a microgrid's battery.

The Story

Energy and Water -- friends with benefits.
Aquatricity tackles the energy/water nexus with some great side benefits (see right side).
1.3 billion people are without access to electricity and 800 million people do not have access to safe drinking water or water for irrigation.

In the developing world, 1.3 billion people are without power -- that's almost 20% of the world! 800 million people are without safe drinking water -- 11% of the world's population. Aquatricity helps alleviate these problems by deploying Nexus in underserved communities around the world.

Nexus is a microgrid controller, a special computer that constantly monitors and controls all power sources (renewable and non-renewable) in order to deliver reliable and stable electricity to a community. Unlike other microgrid products, Nexus is a complete monitoring and control solution that consists of proprietary embedded software running on commodity hardware, integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. It communicates the microgrid’s status and surrounding environmental conditions (e.g., solar radiation, wind speed, temperature, humidity, and precipitation) to mobile devices through the Cloud. Nexus provides actionable insight on energy use, energy costs, water use and CO2 emissions for each community power grid, enabling a community to make smart choices regarding their energy and water use.

Nexus strikes at the heart of the issues associated with the energy/water nexus. We deliver energy access and security, addressing energy scarcity. By providing access to energy, Nexus also tackles water scarcity, access, and security, because energy is essential for water transportation, storage and purification.

  • integrates Highest levels of renewable energy

    Nexus combines and controls all types of power sources such as wind, solar, batteries and diesel to produce reliable and stable electricity.
    The average U.S. household consumes 1,000 kWh per month at the cost of $1,500 per year. Using Nexus, every kWh produced from renewable energy is free! Imagine cutting your electric bill in half! Any ideas on how to spend $750?

  • decreases water used to produce electricity

    In the U.S., Nexus saves on average two gallons of water per kWh consumed. This means Nexus saves two gallons of water for every hour you run your air conditioner or saves six gallons of water every day for your refrigerator!

  • Decreases Greenhouse gas emissions

    Nexus automatically and continuously optimizes for high renewable energy integration. Nexus delivers power with the lowest CO2 emissions. Based on a U.S. household's monthly electricity use, Nexus can offset enough CO2 that is equivalent to driving your car 1,650 miles!

  • delivers lowest cost of energy

    Nexus optimizes for high renewable energy integration, delivering power with the lowest cost of energy. In the U.S. we pay $0.12 per kWh. Our first customer in Nicaragua pays almost 4 times that!

Our Team

Seasoned startup veterans and industry thought leaders with proven execution track records


Adam Cahn, Chief Executive Officer

Adam has 25 years in aerospace, IT and energy. He has worked for five venture-backed startups, one acquired by Microsoft, and two Fortune 200s. He was recently CEO at a microgrid products and systems company, an executive at a utility-scale, wind/solar/ natural gas power developer and worked for the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office in the energy transmission group. He has brought several products to market and has built multiple high-performing, multi-national teams. His international experience includes work in Israel for two Israeli startups.

Adam holds an MBA from Leeds School of Business, an MS in Telecommunications, and a BS in Aerospace Engineering; each from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In addition, he earned an MS Certificate in Energy Communication Networks and professional certificates in Sustainability Management and Sustainable Building and Energy. He has a patent pending for a self-configuring computer network for electric and water utilities that removes human error, reduces network congestion and increases cyber security.

Adam has had the good fortune to work with many great mentors, including a week of study with business leadership giant, Jim Collins (Built to Last​, Good to Great).

Tarun Kapoor, VP – Business Development

Tarun is a startup veteran with 20 years in telecom and energy. He has worked for two venture-backed startups with one exit. He has built software-based services and solutions for rapidly-changing industries, generating new business models and value propositions required to apply disruptive technologies across a global market. Tarun has worked in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and China in technical and business development roles. He was most recently CTO at an energy storage (battery) company.

Tarun holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge, an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University in New York City, and a BS in Computer Science from Binghamton University, with a semester at Universitat De Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain.


Dr. Claudio Lima

Dr. Lima is a smart grid thought leader with over 25 years in the energy field. He serves as Vice–Chair of the IEEE Smart Grid Architecture Standards group and has worked with the IEEE, NIST, the Department of Energy and many international government organizations on advanced smart grid strategies, microgrids and emerging next generation energy technologies. Dr. Lima is a world-renown speaker on energy and author of numerous publications including the book, ’’Smart Grid: An Introduction’’.

Anna Giovinetto

Ms. Giovinetto is the Senior Director of State Policy for the Advanced Energy Economy, focusing on market opportunities for renewable energy. Prior to, she was Vice President of Corporate Affairs for RES Americas, reporting directly to the CEO. Ms. Giovinetto worked for AWEA on wind power federal policy, was Vice President of Public Affairs for Noble Environmental Power and was Director of Renewable Energy for Evolution Markets. Fluent in Japanese, Ms. Giovinetto spent eight years in Japan working as a translator and interpreter.

Bill Sidwell

Mr. Sidwell is a Principal at MarketVitesse, a specialized brand and marketing management consulting firm. Mr. Sidwell has over 40 years in branding strategy for the IT and energy verticals. He has worked as an executive for NRG Energy, Hewlett Packard, and Escalera Resources. Mr. Sidwell spent 12 years at Ogilvy & Mather, where he was a Senior Partner and Director of Planning and Strategy.

Diane Dandeneau

Ms. Dandeneau has 25 years in software and energy, ranging from oil and gas to renewable energy. Ms. Dandeneau was recently the Director of Sales for HOMER Energy, the world’s largest microgrid modeling and simulation software company (190,000 users, installed in 193 countries). Prior to HOMER, Diane founded Arius Energy, a software company specializing in energy and carbon emissions tracking. She was Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Green Heart Institute and Director of Sales and Marketing for Bella Energy, one of Colorado’s largest solar energy companies.

Todd Hartman

Mr. Hartman is the Communications Director at the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, responsible for coordinating the agency’s work across all news media, including TV, print and social media. He has over 30 years of media experience, both as a journalist and as a media relations specialist, in energy, environment and natural resources. Mr. Hartman was most recently the Media Relations Manager at the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office and was previously a journalist at the Rocky Mountain News and the Miami Herald.

Jeff Lints

Mr. Lints has over 20 years as a startup veteran in telecom and energy. He specializes in global business development, marketing, sales and sales management. He is Managing Director for the US division of the Technology Reserve. Prior to, he was VP of Business Development for OptiEnz (water monitoring system), Managing Director at the Energy Fellows Institute and a mentor for the Clean Tech Open.


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